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Why 8

Why 8
One, three, five ... people can stay, but not more than 8. It is an even number, sometimes the singularity is beautiful, but in the end we want nobody to be alone. The week is seven, but maybe one accommodation here will remain enchanted for you, so 8 will be a day out of the calendar.

Why Urla

From a Hellenistic period, dozens of wars and earthquakes, cheerful vine harvests, centuries-old olive groves, southern, northern bays, Greek, French, Ottoman, the house whom Seferis was born, home of Cumali, plenty of old mosques, the neighborhoods that were obliged to abandon, the port where the memories propagate, the sailor, the winegrower, the olive grower, the horse farms, the tangerine gardens, the garden tables shared with the Greek tunes and the marvel of Peru , from the streets of Urla all the feelings compiled and gathered together reach to your heart. What is it in the streets that make you feel good, you do not stop and think, you just walk and feel the peace. A window with sarduns, an aunty who has been extracting pods while chatting at the door , children playing in the streets without fear, a neighborhood announcement from the speaker of the municipality, an old person who has seen the population exchange from Greece, hanging bread in the door of the bakery which is a graceful help, all of these tell you something, with the last feelings still intact. Here is an old building in one of those streets, when time has bent its waist, it has clinged to life by the help of good hands again. With love, patience, and when we say it has terminated came up with another difficulty. And now the building, which was believed to have given up on life, is made more firmly than it was on those young days. It's about to adding new memories to all the ones from the past. The memories give pleasure while they are remembered again and again , so may you have good memories at Art Design Hotel.


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